From the Freddie King Biography!  Freddie King (guitar, vocals; born September 3, 1934, died December 28, 1976)

Freddie King was one of three blues giants with the surname King – along with B.B. and Albert – who were all unrelated. Freddie was a forceful presence and formidable figure in two of the most prominent blues scenes. In the state he was born in (and to which he eventually returned), he was known as the “Texas Cannonball.” For much of the Fifties and early Sixties, he was a Chicago blues legend, particularly on the city’s West Side. Revered by his fans and respected by his peers, King was best-known for his searing, assertive solos and dynamic showmanship.

King moved from Chicago to Texas in 1962, feeling that his home state was a better to raise his family (King had seven children) and pursue such pastimes as hunting and fishing. He became a fixture on the live blues scene, especially at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin.

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