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The building already had quite a musical history. After being a National Guard armory, it had been The Sports Center, hosting wrestling and boxing matches, with occasional package tours coming through. Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis had played there, and one show in 1953 had included Faron Young, Johnny Horton, and a kid named Elvis Presley. Shortly after Wilson’s …

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Last Dance

The “Last Dance” was on January 1st, 1980. This is the poster for the last Armadillo World Headquarters show.   Micael Priest captured in a style all his own; what now seems prophetic as the the decade of the ‘dillo’s explosion of musical momentum carried on long past the closing curtain. “The end of an era” was heard a lot …

The Music

There were some unbelievable shows and even more unbelievable stories in, around, and about the Armadillo World Headquarters. This site will try to give our visitors a peek into an Austin Musical venue that as you will find was so much more.

Pictures of the Place

There will be pictures of the place and the people that made it special and a real place in Texas history. Your pictures of you at the dillo if you can still find them. We’ll post them on the web machine for all to enjoy.

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The Posters

We are rounding up the best collection of AWHQ and Austin music poster images. Please send us any poster image or photos of yours from the shows or beer garden. Old austin pictures with the armadillo and other music venues from the era.

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What to Expect

In the weeks and months ahead we will try to create a definitive history and tone of the Armadillo World headquarters. We are gathering information from near and far. Dusty old posters to the Texas history and black and white videos of young Willy & Waylon. We hope you enjoy the site.

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Armadillo World Headquarters Website is back on line!

Back in 1976, some pixie made what was, up until the time (and probably still is), the only concerted effort to concisely sum up a place that embodies more contradictions, soured hopes, flights of fancy and filigrees of whimsy and madness than any other four acres of earth on the globe. That nameless chronicler wrote: “We’re a beer hall where …